About Us

Who we are

Headquartered in the heart of Asia, victionary connects creative talents and enthusiasts from all over the world through strong original concepts, intriguing graphic approaches, and innovative printing techniques.

Founded by Victor Cheung in 2001, viction workshop ltd. began as a passion project that focused on producing design publications and has since expanded its portfolio to include a broader array of themed collections, art prints, travel guides, children’s books and games under two additional brands, VICTION-VICTION and CITIx60.

Today, we are all about providing fresh perspectives, timeless inspiration, and pure visual delight for the creative and the curious through the mighty power of print.

What we do

Publishing and book design have been, and continue to be, at the core of our creative pursuit. Since 2001, we have produced close to 100 design references in a bid to showcase some of the best talents and studios in their fields, underlined by our dedication to quality and results.

In shining the brightest light possible on the projects featured in our books and the people behind them, we believe that no detail is too small, and that our search for new printing techniques, materials, and applications is a calling we will always aspire to answer.

Besides focusing on art-, illustration-, and graphic design-related titles, we also work on travel guides for the creatively-inclined, children’s books, as well as games for the young-at-heart that emphasise visual impact and touch. To that end, we welcome you to join us in spreading the joy of print to every corner of the world.


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